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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are necessary to protect both our interests
We're sorry that this stuff is a bit dry and wordy, but it is important stuff
Please read on...

The most important thing for us is that you have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable time at Twenty2, and we welcome you to book your table or dining event with us, but conditional upon us confirming your reservation, you must agree with and accept the following Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs)

If there is anything in these Ts&Cs which you do not accept or do not agree with, then you must not make a reservation
But upon making a reservation, it will be deemed that you agree with and accept our Ts&Cs
Thank you

It is often necessary for us to take the details of a credit or debit card in order to secure your table or dining event reservation but this needn't be the same card with which you choose to settle
We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if the details of a credit or debit card cannot be verified
We also reserve the right to use this card (unless otherwise agreed in advance), to settle your statement, and also use it for the charge of a no-show

We will securely store the personal and credit or debit card details given to us, in a way which is PCI DSS compliant

Unfortunately we do not accept American Express, personal cheques or travellers' cheques and we do much prefer it if you could please settle your table with either a debit card or cash


The amount of a table deposit will vary from time to time, and will typically be based on the choice of service and the number of reserved diners

The deposit for a reservation which takes Twenty2 for exclusive use by your party, must be paid for in full and in advance, and this will be negotiated at the time of accepting your reservation
Please see our cancellation policy below

Voucher deposits are subject to the same conditions as cash or debit or credit card deposits (in particular the forfeit of the voucher's value due to cancellation or no-show)
Vouchers must still be within their valid date for the date of the table reservation

Special offers we make from time to time, may be changed or withdrawn without notice, and any time limits made with those offers cannot be extended

'Special Events' deposits

On occasion, dining at Twenty2 may be accompanied with some complimentary live entertainment, for example, a live performance of a solo violinist
Your deposit for this kind of 'Special Event', will be immediately non-refundable
Please also see 'Live Entertainment' below

Live Entertainment

On occasion, dining at Twenty2 may be accompanied with some complimentary live entertainment and we will always do our utmost to provide the artist as advertised but this cannot be guaranteed
The artist which we advertise, performs with our compliments
There is no cost to you our guests, within the meal price, which would be the same with or without the complimentary live entertainment

Private Dining / Exclusive Use Dining

We welcome you to allow us to host your special event or private dining party at Twenty2
Terms can always be negotiated, but as a guide we typically request 50% of your event costs in advance, with the remaining 50% payable one month before the event date
In the event that you might need to cancel your private dining or exclusive use event, please see the cancellation policy below


Non-arrivals (also known as 'no shows') are guests who have made an advanced reservation, and do not arrive to take their table
By definition that is an event occurring on the day of the reservation
Non-arrivals will unfortunately mean the loss of their deposit, plus the balance of the cost of the reserved meal (e.g. Tasting Menu cost)

Moving your booking

We are happy to move your restaurant booking to a different date, without loss of your deposit, providing this is done within 3 days of the original reserved date, but unfortunately after this time the Cancellation Policy applies
The deposit for the first date may not always be transferrable to the second date, it will depend on the circumstances and the transferrability will be advised on request, or may have already been confirmed to you

Cancellation Policy

We have no desire to profit from you for your cancellation

Except for a private dining or exclusive use event, you may cancel without penalty (except for bank card and administration charges) up to 3 days beforehand
After that, we will aim to offer your table to other guests

If you would still wish to dine with us on a future date, please ask about us holding on to your deposit for you
We can happily keep your deposit until you're ready, but unfortunately a £10 bank card and administration charge would apply if we have to refund your deposit

Whilst the table(s) is /are reserved in your name, no-one else may take the table, and likely we have been denying other diners whilst reserved for your party
If another party is able to take your table(s), you will receive a refund of the deposit minus any bank card and administration charges
If no-one else takes your table, then unfortunately the whole deposit will be forfeited
If any one individual in your party is unable to join you with less than 3 days’ notice, they will forfeit their individual part of the main deposit 
If any one individual in your party, or indeed if the entire party, should cancel on the same day as the reservation then that will unfortunately mean the loss of their part of (or the entire) deposit, plus the balance of the cost of the reserved meal (e.g. Tasting Menu cost)
Our Chef sources ingredients based on the number of reserved guests, and at such short notice, the ingredients will have been purchased, and the food prepared

These charges are made because at such short notice, we think this is only fair

Cancellation terms of a private dining or exclusive use event, will be negotiated with you during the discussions before your event


Adult visitors are welcome to bring children of any age, under supervision, into the gardens and the restaurant
We would however respectfully request no children under 14 in the restaurant in the evening
Please also note that we would not consider the garden to be a playground
Please ensure the children you bring onto the premises are under your guidance and supervision at all times

Our garden is atop the ancient City Wall and there are some VERY steep drops indeed beyond our walls

Smoking Policy

Twenty2 is by nature of its business, open to the public, and as such it is illegal to smoke anywhere on the premises

This policy does not alter in the case that your reservation takes Twenty2 for exclusive use by your party

Smoke detectors exist for the protection of life and property
You must not tamper with or cover these detectors


For your security and peace of mind, there is 24/7 CCTV recording in operation, in and around Twenty2, and it is available for police inspection
All belongings brought onto the premises and all vehicles (and their contents) are left at the owner's risk
Please look after your stuff

Fireplaces and burning candles

Twenty2 operates the use of a real burning fire and occasionally burning candles
By definition therefore, naked flames exist
You agree never to interfere with any of our burning fires, log burners or burning candles, including the adding of any materials whatsoever to the fires
Only the owners or staff should tend the burning fires, log burners or burning candles
Basically we don't want you to get burned


Dogs are very welcome in Twenty2's gardens
We regret however that Twenty2 is unable to accommodate pets indoors, but we do of course welcome assistance dogs
Please advise when booking if you will be bringing an assistance dog

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England